Three Things To Watch Out For In The Gym

A gym’s atmosphere can have a big impact on what you get out of the experience. Some gyms can feel really competitive, and this can hurt your self-esteem, whereas others can feel too relaxed, which can cause you to lose motivation. 

The best gyms are those where the environment is somewhere between the two; there’s a healthy spirit of competition, but no one takes themselves too seriously. But this comes when all members actively decide to promote an atmosphere that helps and empowers those around them. To make sure you aren’t being held back in your efforts to get fit, here are some things to look out for that can affect the overall feeling of a gym:

Equipment Hogging
Every gym has "peak times" where things can get busy, usually right before and after traditional working hours. When this happens, it becomes necessary to share equipment. Be aware of this and be courteous to others. If you sit at the leg press between sets are on your phone while you rest, people are going to get frustrated and might be less likely to share when it’s their turn. This increases the feeling of competition in the gym and can sometimes lead to animosity among members, both of which hurt the gym’s atmosphere.

Incorrect Form
It’s not uncommon to misuse gym equipment. Most of us think these machines are self-explanatory and don’t take the time to learn how they should be used. But incorrect form will prevent you from getting the best results, or worse, could cause you to get hurt.

Make sure you know what you are doing with each piece of equipment, and if you see anyone else doing something wrong, offer them a helping hand. This will improve the sensation of camaraderie at the gym and will help create an environment where everyone is helping each other improve.

Rushing Through Workouts
Balancing a gym routine and busy lifestyle can be hard. This can lead us to rush through our exercises on those days where we’re pressed for time and just want to “get a workout in.” We all want to get in shape, but rushing into the gym and going crazy on the machines can lead to injury and rapid fatigue, which later leads to frustration from a lack of results.

Plan out your reps, weights and time spent on machines and stick to these plans. If you’re in a hurry, just do fewer exercises. Speeding through your workout could cause conflicts with other members who are trying to work their way through their routines. You don’t want to get the reputation as the speedster who doesn’t take the time to do their exercises right. Take your time and enjoy the results of your patience, and if you see someone else doing this, don’t be afraid to ask them what’s going on.

The gym can be a great place to find motivation and to develop a positive attitude towards working out. But this only happens when there is an empowering atmosphere. Being aware of what’s going on around you will ensure a better workout experience, which will lead to better results and a stronger drive to keep up the good work.

What are some things you notice at the gym that you like or don’t like? Do you have any suggestions for how we can improve the atmosphere at our gyms? Let us know in the comments section below.

Author Bio: Cassie is a health and tech blogger over at Secure Thoughts. She enjoys working out at her local gym and helping her friends reach their fitness targets. This nicely complements her writing, where she frequently discusses the importance of exercise and taking care of our bodies.