Train Like A Pro – David Verburg

A quick glance at David’s accolades and you quickly realize that this athlete is the real deal. He specializes in the 4x400 m relay and earned a Gold medal at the 2016 Rio Olympics, 2015 Beijing and 2013 Moscow World champions, and half a dozen more Gold medals, all the way back to the 2010 Moncton World Junior Championships. In partnership with David, we’ve released a carbon-copy of one of his routines for young athletes to train with. Login and view his program.

I had the fortune to sit down and work out with David to learn what makes him tick – to find out what drives him.

“My passion for running really grew from a love for fitness,” David said. “I started running to stay in shape for soccer and football.”

During his entire season, he spends 2 hours a day training on the track and about 2 hours in the gym. From the start to the finish.

“I give 100% in the weight room and on the track at all times – until I have nothing left.”

In spite of his stellar record, David is the epitome of humble. He doesn’t only help himself and believes strongly helping those around him succeed. “I would tell any young athlete to keep pushing. Never give up.” In partnership with David, we’ve released a carbon-copy of one of his routines for young athletes to train with. Login and view his program here.

“I was told countless times I would never make it. Now years later I have accomplished things people never believed I ever could. All because of a combination of great coaching and a hard work ethic.”

Through countless setbacks and the natural challenges in fitness, David has overcome an incredible level of difficulty. “I will never forget. It was my first hard week at my new training camp. I was out of shape, and the workout was kicking my butt. I wanted to give up. My legs were killing me, lungs were on fire. I wanted to stop wanted to give up and go home. Then I remembered that. If I wanted to be a champion I had to work through the hurt – that I had to show out even when there wasn't a crowd in the stands, even when there isn't money on the line. Because every set counts.”

David fondly recalls all the support he’s gotten from his now fiancee, his family, his friend Adrian, and his coaching team. He credits their support and their passion to the core drivers on what’s fueled him to the top. And even so, he looks up to many other athletes for further inspiration “The athlete who I admire the most is Cassandra Tate. She trains hard, and always finds a way to come out on top. Watching her compete makes me want to improve on my own times. “

Before he had to go I asked him what his favorite cheat day meal is and he quickly said: “a burger and fries, I could eat those all day.“ Luckily, we picked to meet at a burger joint.

Yours in Health,
Peter Li