Video: Kettlebell & Hills Leg Circuit

If you’re like most people, “leg day” means heading to the gym for some light elliptical machine work, followed by a random amount of leg exercises featuring lunges, squats, and deadlifts, followed by some more elliptical machine or treadmill work (yawn). Why not try something different and challenging instead?

The Kettlebells & Hills Leg Workout is a challenging routine that will provide some much-needed entertainment to your regular training. It involves a series of kettlebell movements with a 100-meter hill run in between each. But that’s not all! Before you start, you need to hike your kettlebell up to the top of the hill! Can you say, “Bonus work!”

You’ll find that your legs might not be as conditioned as you thought as you perform the circuit. If you don’t have a hill nearby, just find a field (just run faster since the terrain is flat). If you don’t have THAT available, go ahead and use a treadmill (but picture yourself outdoors).

Muscle Focus:
This workout is intended to evenly work conditioning and strength in your lower body, including your glutes, hamstrings, quads, and calves. If you want to enhance the muscles in your feet, try to do it barefoot (just make sure the hill is grass and free of obstacles.

Find a hill with a moderate grade and hike to the top with your kettlebell. This should provide enough warm up by itself, but perform your regular kettlebell warm-up routine at the top if necessary. Perform each kettlebell exercise then immediately run 50 meters down the hill, turn around, and run 50 meters back to your starting spot. Rest as little as possible between exercises and 30-60 seconds between rounds for 5 rounds total.

Kettlebells & Hills Leg Workout:
A1: Kettlebell Swings / 5 Rounds x 25 Reps
A2: Hill Run / 5 Rounds x 100M
A3: Kettlebell Deadlift / 5 Rounds x 25 Reps
A4: Hill Run / 5 Rounds x 100M
A5: Goblet Squat / 5 Rounds x 25 Reps

Workout Tips:
If this is your first time performing this workout, don’t use a weight that is too heavy; don’t forget that after the workout is complete, you need to hike back!

Yours in Health,
Peter Li