Video: Outdoor Kettlebell And Bodyweight Conditioning

One of the best things about kettlebell and bodyweight training is how portable the training methods can be. Thanks to this portability, you can combine a challenging strength and conditioning workout with hill sprints, runs, or other outdoor activities like hiking.

This conditioning workout involves a 5 exercise circuit (3 bodyweight and 2 kettlebell exercises) that will quickly challenge your current conditioning level. It is intended to work your entire body by incorporating an upper body/core exercise (Push-Ups), a lower body exercise (Prisoner Squats), and 3 full-body exercises (2-Hand Swings, Alternating Swings, and Jumping Jacks).

Muscle Focus
The Outdoor Kettlebell & Bodyweight Conditioning Workout is a full-body circuit that works all major muscle groups. If you would like to increase your overall endurance, perform it in between a 1-3 mile run or hike.

Perform all 5 exercises as a circuit, meaning that you should be performing each exercise once before repeating all of them. You’ll notice that the repetition quantities increase as the circuit goes on. Be sure to perform all reps of each exercise.

Outdoor Kettlebell & Bodyweight Conditioning Workout
A1: Push-Ups - 5 Rounds x 10 Reps
A2: Alternating Swing - 5 Rounds x 20 Reps
A3: Prisoner Squat - 5 Rounds x 30 Reps
A4: 2-Hand Swing - 5 Rounds x 40 Reps
A5: Jumping Jacks - 5 Rounds x 50 Reps

Workout Tips
Be sure to use a kettlebell weight that is realistic for this quantity of reps. If you are unfamiliar with the exercise, or your form starts to falter with fatigue, switch to 1-Hand or 2-Hand Deadlifts instead.