Why Gaining Weight Is Not So Easy

Here’s the thing about being skinny: there’s nothing abnormal about it. “Skinny” is just another body type, as common as the others are, so no, it doesn’t mean that skinny people aren’t healthy. Of course, several medical conditions can cause a person to be very thin and frail, but this article doesn’t address that. Here, we’re focusing primarily on skinny guys or men, and why they could possibly be struggling with putting on weight and getting bigger.

The most common reason for not being able to put on weight is a high metabolism. Some of us are naturally plagued with a high metabolism which causes us to burn fat and calories faster than others do. As a result, we don’t store much of the fat in our bodies, and our muscles tend to be much smaller in size. This doesn’t mean that people with a high metabolism are weak or more prone to falling sick; it only means that they’d have to work twice as hard to put on weight and also retain it.

However, it’s not always biology that is to be blamed. It’s true that skinny men do need to switch things up and cannot possibly follow the same fitness or diet routine that someone will an average body weight does. They require more calories, a different workout program, and so much more that’s different. There are so many different body types, and each type responds much better to a routine that would be more suitable to their specific requirements.

In the process of trying to get bigger and putting on more weight, what might a skinny man be doing wrong? Let’s look at a few possibilities:

1. Inadequate diet
A lot of times putting on healthy weight is all about how many calories you’re getting in on a single day. For someone skinny who are looking to bulk up, 2000-2500 calories in a day is a must. This doesn’t all have to come from a single meal, but can be spaced out amongst 4-5 smaller meals throughout the day. Some skinny men make the mistake of not consuming enough calories, and this is a major reason for them finding it difficult to put on mass and weight.

2. Wrong workout plan
Now, when a skinny man decides to lift weights, he might take other fitness enthusiasts as his inspiration and try to mimic their workout routine. The truth is, this might backfire. A personal, qualified trainer would be able to explain to him how his body type requires a different type of workout routine to be planned out for him, and why those exercises specifically target the leaner muscles.

3. Improper recovery
When you’ve got a full-fledged workout plan sorted out, the next step involves recovery. Recovery is basically allowing your body to get enough rest in intervals, having a proper sleep cycle and also giving breaks between heavy workouts and introducing some lighter workouts. Skinny people often make the mistake of going too hard on the weights, without taking sufficient breaks in between, and then also failing to maintain a proper sleep cycle. This way, the gaining of mass in the right places is highly unlikely or might be a painfully slow process.

4. Lack of focus
A strict workout regime with a fixed fitness goal requires one very important thing: Focus. It’s never easy to have to follow a routine where putting on weight and muscle is the goal because it does require a lot of additional effort. And, once the desired weight has been achieved, maintaining this weight is a whole other task in itself. So, a lack of focus on a strict regime wouldn’t garner the kind of results one might be looking for. Skinny men need to be very sure that putting on weight is important to them, and then work towards it with a solid plan!

5. Getting facts right
A skinny man needs to ask himself “Why exactly am I skinny? Does it have to do with something more than just a high metabolism? Or a genetic body type?”. More often than not, there could be a hidden condition that is causing a man not to be able to put on weight too easily, or could even be causing rapid weight loss without any changes in diet or lifestyle. Either way, getting a full body checkup and blood profile will make things much clearer, following which he can understand how to move forward with getting heavier.

A skinny man’s journey to getting bigger and possibly stronger is never easy! Contrary to popular belief, it’s not always a piece of cake (or even a whole cake) when it comes to putting on healthy body fat and retaining it in the form of muscle. It requires a good amount of knowledge about the skinny body type, and then also some research on how to achieve a certain fitness goal. If you’re looking to understand more about fitness and body types, there is a website you could check out here that has some pretty neat tips and trick about all that’s related to fitness!