World’s Most Accurate Workout Tracker App Expands To New Smartwatch Devices

Atlas Launches MotionAI on Android Wear™

AUSTIN, Texas – October 23, 2016 – Atlas Wearables, today announced the launch of the Atlas Workout Tracker for Android Wear smartwatches. The $4.99 app, which is currently available on Google Play, brings the resistance training tracking magic from the Wristband product line to Android Wear.

Atlas supplements the Google Fit step and run tracking to give you credit and provide guidance for your full workout experience. With MotionAI included in the new app, the Atlas Workout Tracker app automatically learns your form – the more you use it, the smarter it gets.

Atlas Workout Tracker for Android Wear smartwatches provides seamless integration with the Atlas Ecosystem; users learn which workouts are helping them reach their goals and how to lose weight or build muscle faster. They can also track muscle focus and optimize training for thin Type I muscles or thick bulky Type II muscles.

“True Workout Tracking and smartwatches quite literally go hand in hand,” said Peter Li, CEO of Atlas. “Now, with MotionAI, users can experience over 95% accuracy after less than a week of use.”

The new Atlas ecosystem provides users with expertise through enhanced tools:

Atlas Workout Tracker for Android Wear with MotionAI (“The more you use it, the smarter it gets.”) to track every exercise and to help them discover the highest impact programming for personal fitness success, align their goals, and prioritize their focus.

Freestyle Workouts: you workout your way. Customize your Atlas with over 100+ exercises and perform any exercise, any number of reps, and in any order, and Atlas automatically tracks your progress with unmatched accuracy.

Guided Workouts: follow workouts with optimized rest time and reps to truly melt your fat cells. Atlas guides you through set by set, letting you know when you’ve hit your goals and when your rest time is up.

Dashboard: rapidly analyze trends and progress and to create and share fitness programs and routines. For more information please visit:

Learns new Exercises: Show Atlas a few repetitions of any 3D motion you want to track and Atlas can learn to track nearly every aspect of your training.

Atlas Wearables is a data-driven, technology company focused on people who exercise and coach. Atlas builds devices and software infrastructure to help anyone take control of their workout routine and fitness content. Atlas Wearables is dedicated to building a future with truly automatic exercise detection, logging and analysis to help young athletes and enthusiasts achieve greatness. Atlas was started in January 2013 by pre-school friends Peter Li and Michael Kasparian. In 2015, Peter and Mike were recognized by the Forbes Magazine “30 Under 30”.

As used in this document, “Atlas” means Atlas Wearables, Inc.

Peter Li, CEO of Atlas
(512) 738–3789