CONFIDENTIAL Beta Program Group A (Updated 1/7/2018)

The following is confidential and applies to the rules and regulations in the Atlas Beta Program Non-disclosure Agreement.

Stage 1 Overview

CAUTION: This release will not preserve your workout history. Workouts logged with this version may not be permanently saved and will be lost when you upgrade the app.

Welcome to Stage 1, you are among the earliest few to gain access to the Multi-Trainer 3. We are excited about the features you are about to experience and even more fired up for what's to come. We look forward to your feedback, the positives, and most certainly the criticism. If something takes 0.8 seconds longer than it should, tell us. If something is too obscure or confusing, tell us. Together we'll create the exercise experience of the future!

  • Please review the current software feature set for the App and the Device below. Only a portion of the commercial functionality is available. And what features you see today may not be a reflection of the final experience.
  • Once you receive your Multi-Trainer please try to:
    1. Download and install the app (Android link, iOS link must be clicked on device in SAFARI)
      1. In order to gain access, please send your UDID code to, subject "BPA UDID" before clicking the app install link.
    2. Pair your device to the app
    3. Create a Freestyle workout
    4. Add the Freestyle workout from your Library to your Quick Access
    5. Start the Quick Access workout from your device
    6. Record exercises to calibrate a new or existing exercise
  • If you have any trouble, please see our help/walkthrough: Stage 1 Walkthrough
  • If you have even more trouble, please email us directly at, subject line: "HOTLINE: Beta Program Group A" or click here.
  • After completing the recommended protocol, please complete the Stage 1 Survey.
  • Have additional feature requests or bug reports? Please submit this form with as much detail as possible. If necessary, please send any videos to and include your FULL NAME in the subject line.

Known Issues

  • If you see duplicate recordings appear. Disassociate and re-pair your device. Profile > A3 Watch > Disassociate > Yes > Pair your device again.
  • The metrics for your day and month do not update in the APP. Lbs, Duration, Avg HR, etc. do not update.
  • Muscle activation for your day do not update in the APP. 
  • "Learn More..." Links do not have content.

Device Revision 69,10

Device Functionality Status
12-hour clock
Push-button reset
Quick Access workouts
Freestyle workout exercise stock ticker
Smart timers Freestyle mode only
Workout Modes Freestyle mode only
Calibration iOS only
Workout navigation No
Power optimizations No
Smartwatch notifications and connected features No
Daily step and sleep tracking No
Sync speed optimizations No
Mid-workout metrics No


App Version 1.0.10

App Functionality Status
Basic Pairing
Workout creation
Syncing a Quick Access workout
Syncing logged workouts
Renaming a device
Viewing workout history
Workout Mode Support
Freestyle mode only
Edit workout history iOS only
Calibration logs iOS only
Calibrate an exercise iOS only
New exercise creation iOS only
Workout Notes No
Wristband 2 Old Data Sync No
Muscle activation graphs Android Only
Daily heart rate graphs Android Only
Muscle recovery graphs No
Smartwatch features No
Workout history metrics and graphs No
Enhanced device pairing screens No
Advance exercise details and settings No
Workout sharing No
Workout progress over time No
Exercise progress over time No