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Machine Learning Algorithms and AI

Atlas develops custom machine learning, and AI powered motion tracking algorithms. Our primary consumer focus is in the fitness space, but applications expand to anything that moves in free space. Applications expand beyond fitness to animals, cattle, industrial, health, wellness, rehabilitation, and many more to come. We have libraries of algorithms that we apply and can currently classify hundreds of different motions, including simple, or complex motions that only last seconds.

Atlas Motion Engine

Atlas Motion Engine is a machine learning based analysis solution that provides embedded activity classification and repetition counting, real-time motion learning, a library of metrics, and supports context based feedback. These features provide customers with valuable and complete motion or behavior history which unlocks a whole new layer of data analytics. By incorporating Atlas’ solution into your IoT or wearable device, OEMs start gaining completely new insights that they have never seen before.

The methods used in Atlas Motion Engine are patented under US20150005911A1. 

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