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Create A New Exercise

    1. From the Atlas Fitness app, select Profile > My Exercises > +.
    2. Follow the on-screen instructions on your smartphone.

    New exercises need to be manually recorded until 3-5 clean recordings are logged.

    How to record a new exercise

    1. On the device, begin a freestyle workout by selecting ▶ from the Watch Screen and selecting ▶ again to start the timer.
    2. Once the workout timer has begun, prepare your equipment and body position to begin the recording.
      NOTE: To get the most accurate recording, get into the starting position of the exercise before recording. When you complete the set, end the recording as quickly as possible to avoid including other non-repetitive motions in the recording.
    3. Select ▶ to begin the recording. The display will update to a red bar with a REC symbol on the bottom. Remember to count the number of repetitions you want to perform.
    4. Upon completing the exercise, select ▶ to end the recording.
    5. You can repeat steps 2-5 to add multiple recordings within a single workout session. Remember to count the number of repetitions you complete.
    6. Upon completing the recording, the Recording will appear in your smartphone app under History. You must assign the Recording to an exercise to complete calibration.

    How to assign Recordings to an Exercise

    1. In the smartphone app, select History and select the correct day.
      NOTE: In app version X.Y.Z the History view is ordered by "Most Recent First". i.e. the last set completed appears at the top of the list.
    2. Identify and tap the correct set, likely titled "Recording, 3 sets of 0 reps..."
    3. Identify and tap the correct Recording within the set and edit the number of repetitions to reflect the number you completed. 
    4. Tap Edit in the upper right-hand corner, tap the set, and then select the correct exercise to assign this recording.
    5. Select Done to complete the assignment.
    6. Repeat steps 2-5 to assign multiple recordings.
    7. Press BACK and select Save and End

    How to view calibration progress

    1. In the smartphone app, select Profile > My Exercises and select the exercise you are calibrating, then select Calibration.
    2. View the calibration status and recording quality here.

    How to update your device with a newly calibrated exercise

    1. When the calibration is complete, first ensure that the Multi-Trainer is displaying the default Clock and not in a workout.
    2. Ensure the newly calibrated exercise is in a workout synced to the device.
    3. Select Profile A3 Device > Sync