Eat. Sleep.
Train. Repeat.

Designed for your busy life. Life doesn’t stop every day for you to “recharge”, and neither does Atlas Multi-Trainer. Push yourself further than ever before without stopping to charge your watch every day. Power through a full week on a single charge.

Always-on, sunlight-reflective. With a display that is always on, the time and the information that matters most to you is always there. So whether you’re cranking out some power cleans or burning through battle ropes, all you need to do is glance to find your workout metrics right where you need them.

A biometric lab on your wrist. With advanced photoplethysmogram (PPG), Atlas and Valencell brings you critical health insights that adapt to your training and movement. Experience higher accuracy from Active Signal Characterization that enables highly accurate biometrics even during vigorous activity.

Life proofed: Swim, shower, and sweat. Whether your swimming, bathing, or just plain sweating bullets – Atlas Multi-Trainer is designed for up to 3ATM or 30 meters of depth. It goes where you go.

A third of your life. reat days start with good sleep. When you sleep better, your HRV drops and you’re more ready to perform. Atlas helps you do both.

Measure every effort. Every rep, every Calorie, and every heartbeat counts. By wearing Atlas 24/7 you’ll get feedback on every movement each day, whether your exercising, working, or resting. Your effort reveals how your body responds to activity and strain so you can make smarter decisions.

Stronger together. Fitness is about community – share and send your custom workouts to your friends and clients. Quickly add it to your Atlas workout library for instant-fitness or follow a txt msg version.

Notifications, DND. Receive emails, texts, and alerts right on your watch when paired with a compatible device.

Find my Phone. Misplace your phone? Use your watch to ring your phone from within 25ft.