Personal Trainers

A Trainer's Best Friend

Break through the dollars-for-hours time trade and get paid for the work you do outside of in-person sessions. Unlock your earning potential and provide unparalleled training experiences to more clients. Capture the training dollars of clients you would otherwise turn away due to an overbooked schedule. Remote tracking with Atlas logs every exercise, rep, and heartbeat so you can see your client's strengths and weaknesses on your own time. Create workout programs and routines for your clients and update them as your client improves!

Unlock Time Travel

It is difficult to see the results from your clients that you expect when you only see each client 1 maybe 2 times each week. You give them a program design or activities to do when they are away from you but no progress is made towards their fitness goals in weeks.

Why? You don’t know what they are doing (or not doing) the other 5 or 6 days of the week. With Atlas, you'll basically be there for everything.

Your Client's Gym Spotter

With Atlas you can incorporate actual health and fitness data into client programming. Rather than guessing why the client isn’t making the desired progress, you can now find the true reasons. Track rest time, muscle contraction velocity, and even form so you can provide timely support and motivation when your client needs it most. Atlas and its data can make the client-trainer relationship more effective and personal - two benefits that will attract new customers and get current customers better results.

Your New Arsenal

  • Easy Program Creation
  • Custom Workout Builder and Cloud-based Delivery
  • Library of Workout Templates and Extensive Exercise Library
  • Create your own exercises that will be detected and tracked by the Atlas Wristband
  • Client Progress Monitoring and Unparalleled Analytics
  • High level easy to read data display to quickly see client activity
  • Extensive details showing trends of specific exercises, heart rate data, caloric burn, form score, and overall work performed by specific muscle groups


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