The Old System

Remote care and compliance is impossible without the right system and technology. Patient outcomes become the bane of unmotivated patients. Mediocre follow-up and directionless programming can be all the difference between a full recovery and a lifetime of limitations. After all, how can you heal what you can’t see?

Constant Affirmation and Accountability

Without the technology, proper remote analysis of accountability and compliance is impossible. With Atlas technology, health care professionals and insurance teams can now gain deeper insights to reward committed patients. With enhanced tracking technology and science backed analysis, managing patient outcomes for positive success becomes infinitely more manageable.

Measured Success

With Atlas you can provide exceptional service and a dashboard of data that gets your patients better results in less time. Your professional team can finally incorporate actual health and fitness data into patient programming. Rather than guessing why the patient isn’t making the desired progress or recovery, your team can now analyze possible reasons injury, failure and emphasize on training that guarantees recovery.

Your Team's New Arsenal 

  • Easy Prescription and Programming Creation
  • Patient Dashboard for Progress Monitoring and Unparalleled Analytics
  • Custom Workout Builder and Cloud-based Delivery
  • Library of Workout Templates and Extensive Exercise Library
  • Create your own rehabilitation exercises that will be detected and tracked by the Atlas Wristband
  • High level easy to read data display to quickly see client activity or inactivity
  • Extensive details showing trends of specific exercises, heart rate data, caloric burn, form score, and overall work performed by specific muscle groups
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