Motion Genome Project

What is the Motion Genome Project?

Atlas launched the Motion Genome Project (MGP) in 2014 as the foundation of an even larger effort to turn data into applied knowledge. Through extensive analysis using the latest Machine Learning and Artifical Intelligence technology and understanding of all different types of motion patterns, Atlas aims to create products that inspire a global movement toward healthier and more fitness-conscious living.

With the growing database of motion data, MGP enables new experiences to provide deeper context, not just to 6-axix G-force sensors, but to any kind of sensor data, running our Machine Learning and AI algorithms on computers the size of your thumb. With the data we're collecting we're providing context including classifying motions and behaviors, how intense the motion is, how often the motion is completed, and much more. MGP is unlocking a wealth of data that has never been seen before powering a future of personalized health and fitness.

How do I participate?

As we continue to grow, our community gets more and more excited about new exercises added to the Atlas database. We have seen great additions through our learning beta and many members have offered their help to add value to the community by sharing their workout data. Sign up on our Newsletter below to get updates on what the new exercises for you to train will be! The more you teach, the more our library grows, so teach away!

How will I benefit?

As a member of the Motion Genome Project, you'll directly effect the growth of the Atlas motion library and the over-all accuracy of Atlas products including your own. The more our machine-learning algorithm learns from your movement the more precise Atlas products will become at detecting, and classifying motions and behaviors using sensors including the one on your wrist.

Will my data be protected?

All motion data is anonymously collected through MGP and is 100% confidential.