"Atlas Shape puts a personal trainer inside a smart band. Heart rate tracking fitness wearable offers real-time audio coaching."

"Best Fitness Tracker For Gym Rats: Atlas Shape"
Shape Magazine

"My 24/7 Digital Trainer Is Finally Here!"
Austin Startups

"Atlas reigns supreme as the best gym tracker on the market."
Dave The Kayaker

"The Atlas Wristband is a wearable that stands with few others... it's one of the few devices that is truly built for the gym. It counts reps and automatically recognises a growing catalogue of exercises."

"Atlas Wristband review: Finally, a fitness tracker for the gym rats among us. This $250 rep tracker is for those who do more than just run all day."
ARS Technica

"This Fitness Tracker Puts Everything Else To Shame"
Fast Company

"VERDICT: Those who want to track their weight training exercises and expand their workout regimes will appreciate the Atlas Wristband 2."
Tom's Guide

"BOTTOM LINE: The Atlas Wearables Wristband is both a fitness tracker and a personal coach, but it has some kinks to iron out before you hit the gym with it."
PC Magazine

"Atlas Wearables Takes On Jawbone And Nike With A Smarter Exercise Tracker"

"The Atlas Wristband 2 offers an interesting but limited spin on fitness trackers"

“The Atlas Wristband was probably the coolest piece of hardware on display”
Five Austin Startups To Watch