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A decade of knowledge strapped to your wrist. Discover over 1,000 proven workouts in the Atlas smartphone app – each one designed to bring you closer to your goal. Add your favorite programs to your workout library and store up to 400 workouts on your Multi-Trainer so you always walk into the gym knowing what to do.

Grab your workouts by the horns. Unguided workouts automatically record reps and sets and can actually recognize what exercise you complete. Atlas Multi-Trainer automatically senses an exercise after the first few repetitions and logs everything. Select up to 50 exercises, do any selected exercise, any number of times, for as many reps as you want. You call the shots. Atlas Multi-Trainer follows.

Turn-by-turn navigation for every workout. Discover or create a guided workout routine with unprecedented control – reps and sets, 5 Cals on the rower, 5 minutes above 150-bpm – you name it, Atlas Multi-Trainer measures it. Atlas Multi-Trainer vibrates when you've hit your set target, starts your rest timer automatically, and vibrates again when your rest time is up. Follow your entire workout, rep-by-rep, from your wrist. Learn about guided workouts.

Create custom workouts effortlessly. Atlas’ workout builder is built for speed, efficiency, and ease of use. Create custom guided workouts and visualize the projected muscle activation and training load before you even move a muscle.

Hundreds of built-in exercises with video instructions. Multi-Trainer is designed to stay out of your way, and to provide key education when you need it. From video form guides, to muscle activation projections, your workout is under your control. Learn more about compatible exercises.

For all the ways you exercise. Keep your workouts exciting and select from a variety of exercise targets: Tired of 20 reps of push-ups? Switch it up and aim for as many reps in 30 seconds, or even 5 Calories of push-ups – no matter your target, Multi-Trainer automatically tracks your repetitions and lets you know when you've hit your target.