Wristband 2

The World's Most Advanced Digital Trainer + Heart Rate Band

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Real Tracking. Real Progress.

To reach your goals, you need to start tracking your workouts. Atlas Wristband2 removes the burden of manual tracking entirely. It is the only fitness wearable that automatically identifies your exercises, then records reps and essential data to showcase your workouts in unprecedented detail. Calories and heart rate are just the beginning.

Better and better.

When you buy an Atlas, you're buying an ever-evolving ecosystem. Your Atlas app will notify you when there are new exercises, expanded metrics and additional features available. Just a tap to accept the updates and WHAM! – your Atlas is better than ever.


Ultimate Fitness Tracker

Create custom workouts with custom exercises or select them from our library of over 300 of the most popular exercises. Bring your workouts on your Wristband 2 and get automatic workout timers and countdowns with haptic feedback!

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